One of the main and important elements of a plastic window is a double-glazed window, which is a single structure consisting of two window panes and an air chamber between them.

A glass unit is a separate element of the window, and not the window itself, as it is mistakenly believed, and is fixed in the window structure (frame or sash). It is through it that 80% of the heat exchange takes place, since it occupies a large window area, therefore we pay special attention to the glass that is used in our windows.

Hermetically joined glass allows to significantly improve the soundproof and heat-insulating properties of a PVC window or door, and to give the window (door) qualitatively new characteristics. From a practical point of view, there is one more plus – you no longer care about how to wash the glass from the inside. They remain clean throughout the life of the plastic windows.

Structurally, a glass unit consists of the following elements:

  • 2 glasses;
  • distance frame;
  • dehumidifiers;
  • sealants for double-glazed windows.

The distance between the glasses can be different, namely: there are standard double-glazed windows with a thickness of 24 mm, as well as double-glazed windows with a wider distance between the glasses of 32 mm. A huge advantage of a double-glazed unit with a distance of 32 mm between the glasses is its better heat and sound insulation, in comparison with a conventional glass unit, as well as the fact that cold air from the street does not have time to cool the inner glass, thereby avoiding the formation of condensation.

One of the most important components of the organization of the production of plastic windows is the production line for insulating glass units. The profitability of the business as a whole largely depends on how efficiently and quickly the lines for the production of double-glazed windows work. A large list of equipment of varying complexity is required for the production of insulating glass units

When manufacturing a double-glazed window, we adhere to all the necessary technologies and standards. We rely primarily on quality, since a cheap glass unit for a new window can be an expensive nuisance. Our double-glazed windows are manufactured only on specialized, modern equipment that meets the most stringent European quality and safety requirements.




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