Mosquito nets are no longer a novelty. But pleated nets appeared relatively recently and immediately attracted attention. This product attracts many thanks to its unusual appearance and its practicality.

What is the advantage of such a model?

Benefits of pleated mesh

Pleated mesh is a relatively new product on the domestic market. But despite this, he is already very popular. In appearance, such a canvas is somewhat reminiscent of paper folded in an “accordion”. Such a product can reliably protect against the invasion of small insects and more.

Such a protective sheet is made of a special material – polyamide. This material is particularly strong and durable. Moreover, it is completely non-toxic, does not emit any harmful substances and odors when heated by the sun, which means it is environmentally friendly.

The main advantage of this product is that it surprisingly combines functionality, practicality and affordable cost. In addition, such a “accordion” on the window will look very aesthetically pleasing, which allows it to be used both at home and in offices.

As a rule, such pleated products are made individually, that is, taking into account the characteristics of your doors and windows.

Of course, among the finished products, you can easily choose the option you need, since most door and window openings are of standard sizes.

Such grids can be perfectly combined with any interior and will not spoil its overall appearance at all. Moreover, the color gamut of such nets is very rich. Usually, thanks to the small cells, such a product becomes invisible on the window.

By the way, you can often find not simple, but reflective canvases that will protect you from the sultry sun. There are also options that reliably protect against dust and various small debris.

If we continue to talk about the positive qualities of such a product, then it is worth mentioning its durability. The material is highly resistant to moisture and scratches, which allows it to serve for more than one year. Of course, components play an important role here, namely, fastening systems, which must be of high quality and reliable.

There should not be any difficulties with the use of such protective cloths. This mesh opens and closes easily – with just one movement. The opening is smooth and silent, since there are no parts rubbing against each other in this design.

Canvases can be installed horizontally or vertically – it all depends on personal preference. You can mount the product so that it can be easily opened horizontally (to the right or left). The option of a universal opening is also possible, that is, in both directions. This method is most often chosen. Vertical, as a rule, is more often used for dormers in the house. Usually one person easily copes with the installation of such a grid and it takes very little time (fifteen to twenty minutes).

Above, the sliding mounting option was described. Also, the installation of the mesh can be framed. In this case, you need to make accurate measurements, taking into account the width of the frame or door itself.

This mesh does not require any special care. It will be enough that you periodically clean it from dust. This is easy to do with any vacuum cleaner. We recommend cleaning with a special nozzle with a brush so as not to damage the surface of the mesh. Alternatively, clean with a damp cloth.




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