The final stage is the installation of windows.
Installation of plastic windows is a complex process that consists of several stages. Our specialists strictly adhere to the sequence of work, as well as the technology of installation of PVC plastic windows.
Immediately before installing the finished product, our specialists dismantle old frames. We care about you and do not want to leave the room without windows for a long time, so dismantling is carried out as quickly as possible. This is especially important when the installation of plastic windows is carried out in the winter.
The frames of PVC structures are securely installed in the opening, after which, the gaps are processed using polyurethane foam. We use only high-quality materials and components to perform our work. Our specialists do everything carefully, taking care of you.
ДFor high-quality installation of windows, only professional installation teams work in our company. We carefully select our specialists.
Installation of PVC products is carried out by specialized persons, taking into account all the requirements of GOST 30971.
In the image (1), a variant of fastening with an anchor plate is presented.
In the image (2), a variant of fastening directly through the frame with an expansion dowel is presented.
Both options are approved by the state standard.
The technology of installing plastic windows in winter is exactly the same as at any other time.
In conclusion, we want to dispel some misconceptions about what gaps are left when installing plastic windows. It is a mistake to think that clearances are a problem. For all technologies for installing plastic windows, gaps are allowed, in places they can be minimal, in places maximum. The main thing is that your window is securely fixed in the existing opening.




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