Manufacturers Ecoplast produces indoor and outdoor blinds / roller blinds for windows and doors, providing additional comfort, privacy and protection. Blinds are light-shielding devices made of vertical and horizontal plates, called lamellas. The bars can be stationary or rotate around their axis to regulate the flow of air and light.

At the very beginning, blinds made of wood were invented, but over the years they become more and more creative, new models are made of different materials and with more original designs. Our company offers a wide range of products at low prices. Window blinds are made of aluminum with lamellas wound on a drum in a PVC box at the top of the window. Role of shading and reduce the greenhouse effect. There are lamellas in different colors: white, brown, silver, medium oak, golden oak and walnut.

Types of blinds we produce:

  • Vertical blinds are part of a modern window accessory. It is mainly used for domestic purposes and in the offices of large companies and in the halls of government agencies, etc. Depending on the camera design style and favorite features, you can buy or order vertical blinds for windows that are made of PVC, plastic, interwoven fibers, aluminum and fabrics of various compositions, textures, colors.
  • Plisse blinds are stylish and beautiful, you can also call them a highlight of your home. Made from transparent or darkened fabrics that do not allow light to pass through (darken). The advantages of these fabrics are that they transmit light, the temperature is not present and the room is always softer. Plisse blinds are the best option for dormer windows, ceiling windows, panoramic windows and small windows.
  • Venetian blinds (horizontal), made of stripes arranged one above the other. There are ropes between these strips. Thanks to all the rope, all the strips rotate at the same time. Such blinds are mounted on a wall or ceiling using rings that are stretched with cords. The width of the strips is from 3 to 6 cm. The blinds are resistant to strong winds. Clean easily with a cloth or soft brush and cleanable with a low dose aspirator. Venetian blinds are often used in place of doors between rooms.
  • Other modern models. There is a wide variety of other types of blinds. These include:
    1. Venetian blinds with lamellas 17 mm wide, blind mechanism hidden in a box;
      Vertical blinds with photo printing is a thermal print that is applied to fabric in the form of patterns, images, logos, photographs and any other form of fantasy figures;
      Vertical blinds Breeze – an elegant and original style of your interior, classic originality. Each blade consists of about fifty filaments, arranged in series with each other and superimposed;
      Mini – roller blinds – analog standard rollers only in miniature form, due to the reduction in the diameter of the shaft to move and the compact console, these products can be wall mounted, on the ceiling;
      Rolled curtains are an alternative to traditional curtains, cheap cost and creative open window opening.

Horizontal blinds, vertical, roller blinds on windows, order the most modern ones and from Ecoplast – creates high quality and professionally assembled, with a unique design that we offer adapted to your interior styles and window size.




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